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Sealess (2018)

Sealess (2018) considers our capacity to see and imagine. Following the biblical language of visions and the structure of the essay-film popularised by Chris Marker's Sans Soleil (1983), this work combines images of 'heaven' and 'earth' with narratives of human experience to convey the mysterious, multiple and generative nature of spiritual perception. Sealess begins with an account of hymnist Samuel Trevor Francis and is framed by a sparse yet steady rendering of his 1875 hymn, 'Oh the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus'. With allusions to 'ruach' (Genesis 1), divine capacity and restoration (Isaiah 61, John 1 and Revelation 22:1, 21:5), the work reimagines the breadth of Christian hope and our own agency in it. 

Rebekah Pryor, March 2018

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