Rebekah Pryor is a visual artist, curator and academic based in Melbourne, Australia. Her artistic and research practice is interdisciplinary and currently explores the spatial and iconic potential of the body via a range of media and scholarly disciplines, including philosophy of religion, feminist theory, feminist theology, gender studies, contemporary art and architecture. Rebekah Pryor’s doctoral research interacted with the writing of philosopher Luce Irigaray to investigate the link between the maternal body in domestic space and notions of the sacred. Finalist in The 65th Blake Prize in 2018 and former curator of Lamppost Gallery, a space dedicated to exploring contemporary art and Christian spirituality, Rebekah Pryor is a member of the Australian Collaborators in Feminist Theologies, and of the Arts and Culture Advisory Panel of her local municipal council. She currently works in the Faculty of Arts at The University of Melbourne.  

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